Smart Buckle – Turn Your Dads Watch Into A Smartwatch.

At last! You can turn your Dads watch into a treasured modern day classic!

Recently, a new product launched on Kickstarter that will take your dads watch into modern day.  Smart Buckle uses miniaturize high tech to convert any standard watch into a smartwatch. It does this by squeezing activity tracking sensors (3-axis gyro, angular velocity, and motion sensors), and latest smartwatch technology into a traditional watch strap.

Smart Buckle will make almost any classic modern.

Smart Buckle is engineered with features to maintain the integrity of your classic timepieces while adding modern day wearable technology:

  • Activity Tracker – 3-Axis gyro, angular velocity, and motion sensors calculate steps, pace, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns.
  • Smartphone App – Monitor your daily, weekly, monthly activity, and sleep data with the iOS or Android App.
  • Quality Materials – Designed with high-grade stainless steel finish to match and ensure the integrity of your traditional watch.
  • Affordable – Starting at $39, Smart Buckle is the most affordable and feature loaded wearable activity tracker on the market.
  • Shipping Time – Committed to our backers and will ship to you within 45 days of the Kickstarter campaign end.

Installation is easy, check out a quick 30-second video:

Designed to fit seamlessly with any Standard 20mm Watch Band while adding the smart features you’ll find on most activity trackers and smartwatches

  • Remove – Take off the old clasp on your traditional watch.
  • Replace – Attach your new Smart Buckle to your watch band.
  • Connect – Download the iOS or Android app then sync to phone.

 Track your health at work, in the gym, on a run, or when you’re asleep without jeopardizing your personal style.

Smart Buckle Smart Features

Going for only $39 on the crowdfunding platform, the smart clasp keeps tabs on steps, pace, distance, calories burned, and sleep patterns (Light Sleep, Deep-sleep, and total sleep). The data is communicated via Bluetooth to the accompanying iOS or Android app, which shows in detail your daily, weekly and monthly trends.

Smart Buckle: Convert Any Watch Into A Smartwatch for $39.



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