Easy To Use Pancake Dispenser

This easy to use pancake dispenser is perfect for pancake lovers who love making their own homemade flapjacks.

It sure is fun to bake a cake, ice the cupcakes or make pancakes. A cute activity with a nice reward at the end. In fact, there is just one thing that can make the experience slightly less peaceful: All that goo and mixture and batter mess. There are tubs and spatulas and small bags with corners cut off and vessels and tools of various kinds all over. So there you are with twenty uneven cupcakes and a kitchen in ruins.

But your good friend the easy to use pancake dispenser knows it doesn’t have to be this way. It knows that the easiest thing would be to add all the good, mixture and batter mess into a container that lets you dispense exactly the right amount that your cakes need with just a simple press. Not just batter where the batter should be, but exactly the right amount of batter exactly where the batter should be.

The nifty dispenser blends everything together for you while also being able to dispense the perfect amount of batter every single time.  Its quick release handle helps your pour efficiently.

  • Easy release handle lets you pour the perfect amount
  • Fast shutting door to ensure no mess from the batter
  • Use for other baked goods besides pancakes
  • Mixes batter with ease
  • Store and save batter for later, saving you tons of repetitive prep time
  • Requires 5x AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)

Easy To Use Pancake Dispenser

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