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GoTenna – Stay Connected Wherever You Are

goTenna is so easy to use!

goTenna pairs to an app on your phone so you can text and share GPS locations on offline maps 100% off-grid — no cell, wifi or satellites required! Radio + smartphone = something better. Instead of channels and interference, you get private chats and delivery receipts.

goTenna Is easy to use!



Send private 1-to-1 and group chats, or broadcast to any goTenna nearby.


Download free detailed offline maps of any location in the world.


Share and request location information with other goTenna users.

Delivery Confirmation:

Know if your messages were successfully delivered — no guesswork!


Send end-to-end encrypted messages that aren’t stored anywhere.

goTenna on a hike


  • Cognitive digital radio creates its own signal and coordinates with other units within range so you can chat 1-to-1 or with a group, or broadcast openly to any nearby goTenna
  • Sold in pairs so you can stay connected to at least 1 friend (and anyone else using goTenna) when there’s no cellular coverage or Wi-Fi available
  • Bluetooth Low-Energy (BTLE) wirelessly pairs goTenna to your smartphone within approximately 20 ft.
  • Free to download, iPhone and Android app and maps let you send and receive messages as well as share locations on detailed offline maps—all for free
  • Enjoy instant transmission within range, 1-to-1 and group messages, delivery confirmation and message retry (1-to-1 chats only) and “Shout” broadcasts to anyone within range
  • End-to-end encryption (384-bit elliptic curve); compatible and interoperable with iOS & Android devices; can be upgraded via firmware and software updates
  • Range is comparable to other 2W VHF radios and depends on terrain and elevation; up to 1 mile in urban settings and 4 miles in most outdoor terrain
  • To maximize performance, attach goTenna externally and as high off the ground as is practical
  • Water- and dust-resistant hardware features an antenna, 2-watt radio, flash memory for hundreds of messages, status indicator lights and micro USB and Bluetooth-LE interfaces
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery lasts 24+ hrs. on standby
  • Each sleek and rugged pair comes with 2 micro USB charging cables and nylon attachment straps


goTenna - text & GPS on your phone, no service required

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