Turn Your Shower Into A Spa Experience with Nebia

Bring a spa experience to your home: Nebia will drench you, steam you, revitalize you.

Introducing the Nebia Spa Shower – a revolutionary soaking and soothing water experience. Step out without an ounce of guilt because you consumed 70% less water than a traditional shower.

Nebia Shower is a spa like experience

You have to feel it to believe it: as soon as you turn on the Nebia Spa Shower, a billowing spray of warm water invites you to step in. You are instantly soaked from head to toe. You stand, listening to the gentle buzz of the shower head and letting steamy streams of water envelop your body. Daily concerns dissolve away. The smell of freshness hangs in the air. You breathe — calmly, deeply, taking it all in, letting it all go.

The Nebia Spa Shower does more than leave you tingling, invigorated, and squeaky clean; it restores you. You can dream your dreams, sing your songs, and think your big thoughts for a few glorious moments — alone — every day.

You dry off without an ounce of guilt. You’re making the most of every drop of water even as you indulge in a private ritual that prepares you to engage the world anew.

Fresh, revived, and ready.

More than clean, Cleansed.

Shower with ease with the Nebia handheld wand.

In a world of constant notifications and endless to-do lists, your shower is the one time of the day where you can relax and recharge. The second you step under the 10” Head, you will experience the soothing pleasures of a spa with the invigorating feel of a shower. The water gently cleanses your skin, and you are immersed in warmth from the sprays both above and to the side. With twice the spray velocity of a standard shower, the water will clean shampoo and conditioner effortlessly.

For a faster rinsing experience, turn on the Strength Mode and use the Wand as a hand shower. If you don’t want to get your hair wet, slide the Arm down and tilt the Head towards your chest.

Fits everyone in the family just right.

Nebia has an adjustable base that is perfect for every family member

Very few showers are designed for people of different heights. We knew it was time for a simpler experience that even a child could intuitively make their own. Like magic, the Nebia Spa Shower glides 25 inches up and down to customize the spray pattern for every member of the family so that it always fits just right.

Nebia is easy to install

To install Nebia, you don’t need to call a plumber or break the tile. Your new shower system comes with a set of custom tools to firmly secure Nebia on the wall. In 10 minutes, you can upgrade your bathroom to have so much more than an ordinary shower.

Nebia can save a ton of water compared to traditional shower heads.

It may feel like more water, but Nebia only uses a fraction of water compared to a traditional shower head. This way, you can take better care of yourself and the planet.

Regular shower flow rate: 2.5 gpm

Nebia flow rate: 0.7gpm

Nebia is made in the USA

The Nebia Spa System is manufactured and assembled in the U.SA. This enabled us to control for the highest quality craftsmanship, to minimize the environmental impact of our supply chain, and to ensure that the workers involved in our project have fair wages and good working conditions.

Nebia Spa Shower: Luxury Water Innovation. Sustainable Atomizing Shower System with 10" Head, Handheld Wand, Adjustable Height. Award Winning Design,...

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