The OCD Cutting Board For The Perfectionist Chef

Finally, a cutting board that is as exacting in its standards as you are. A multitude of guidelines, different grid sizes, and angles ensure your cuts are precise. Lines are burnished in rather than printed, so they won’t wear off. This board features guides for medium dice, small dice, brunoise, fine brunoise, batonnet, allumette, julienne, and fine julienne.

Made of strong long-wearing, easy to clean, and environmentally sustainable bamboo. Its 9-inch by 12-inch size is easy to handle.

The Perfectionists Cutting Board

The OCD cutting board is here for all of the obsessive compulsive chefs out there, which allows you to precisely measure each item that you cut using the grid line measurements printed onto the cutting board. I find that celery cut at or below 3.45 inches is just too short, and therefore inedible, that’s why I need to use the OCD cutting board. I can now measure all my celery strips at 3.46 inches and above and have a terrific meal of perfection.

The Cutting Board that makes perfect onions

The OCD Cutting Board

Fred THE OBSESSIVE CHEF Bamboo Cutting Board, 9-inch by 12-inch

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