Silicone Travel Bag Available in Various Colors

100% Silicone Travel Bag. Leak-proof inside and out.

Traveling can be tough – you need to make sure you triple check that you have everything packed, beat the lines at the airport, deal with the drooling neighbor on the plane, find your hotel, and hopefully your hairspray or toothpaste doesn’t combust in your bag during the flight making you go on an unforeseen ‘I ♡ New York’ tee shirt shopping spree.

With this silicone travel bag, there’s no need to worry about spills or spontaneous combustion…this single-piece 100% Silicone Travel Bag is leak resistant inside and out. If anything explodes, it stays in the bag and not on your clothes inside your luggage. Just take it in the shower or tub with you, wash it out and let it dry… It’s that easy.

silicone travel bag

This Silicone Travel bag stands out from the crowd because of how it keeps your luggage clean and because of how much it can store – pack all your necessary toiletries in this travel companion.  It fits your toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, cologne, brush, and even a full-sized hairspray can.  We encourage you to think outside of the box with this travel bag!  It’s great for more than just making your travel life a breeze – pack it with your workshop tools or your sunscreen.. it appreciates a vacation every now and then!

Multi-Purpose Silicone Travel Bag

Würkin Stiffs Silicone "D-Bag" Doppel Bag Navy

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